Prestige 2024 Award Winners

The GCNKAA has never looked better than it did that night! It was such an honor to be in the room with the hardest working & unparalleled talent that our region has to offer.

Winners (click an award to skip to it)
Primary Awards
Category 1: Property built & delivered between 2019 & 2023
Category 2: Property built & delivered between 2009 & 2018
Category 3: Property built & delivered before 2009
Associate Awards
People Awards
Special Awards

This award is given to the company that received the most points at the end of the night. Every win and finalist is worth points. Think of it as a "who placed the best on average across all categories". 

Primary Awards
Best Company Logo - Village Green Management

Best Community Logo - Veridian / PLK Communities

Best Renovation or Property Update - Stetson Square / PLK Communities

Best Property Management Company (Tie) - BRG Apartments & PLK Communities

Best Independent Owner Property (>200 units) - Burgundy Hills Apartments / A-Strategy Management

Best Owner or Property Management Website - PLK Communities

Best Community Website - Nantucket / Fath Properties

Best PM Company or Community Social Media Plan - CIG Communities

Best Floor Plan Category 1 - Ila Hyde Park (Monaco) / PLK Communities

Best Floor Plan Category 2 - The Enclave / Rookwood Properties

Best Floor Plan Category 3 - Nantucket (Spinnaker) / Fath Properties

Best Landscaping Category 1 - Factory 52 / PLK Communities

Best Landscaping Category 2 - The RED / Village Green Management

Best Landscaping Category 3 - Harper's Point / Towne Properties

Best Amenity Package Category 1 - Aspire Kenwood / CIG Communities

Best Amenity Package Category 2 - Liberty Center Apartments / Towne Properties

Best Amenity Package Category 3 - Indian Creek Apartments / Towne properties

Best Decorated Model Category 1 - Residences at AG47 / Jeffery R. Anderson Real Estate

Best Decorated Model Category 2 - 49Hundred / HILLS Properties

Best Decorated Model Category 3 - Landings at Beckett Ridge / HILLS Properties

Associate Awards
Best Associate Member Company - Rent Manager

Best Associate Member Company Logo - Harrison's Pro Tree Service

People Awards
Best Administrative Assistant - Kelley Speece / Rookwood Properties

Best Associate Member (Management) - Grant Saunders / Hays & Sons Restoration

Best Associate Member (Non Management) - Gerry Johnson / Rent

Best Community Assistant Manager - Arandhy Meza / Continental Properties

Best Community Manager - Calaya Huff / PLK Communities

Best Independent Rental Owner - John Lenhart / KJL Properties

Best Leasing Consultant - Bria Million / napCincinnati

Best Maintenance Technician or Grounds Person - Steve Lacker / BRG Apartments

Best Maintenance Supervisor or Director - Mike Markus / BRG Apartments

Best Multi-Site Manager (Up to 1500 Units) - Alexandra Constable / BRG Apartments

Best Multi-Site Manager (1500+ Units) - Sarah Hahn / HILLS Properties

Special Awards
Grand Sapphire Category 1 - Towne Properties

Grand Sapphire Category 2 - Towne Properties

Grand Sapphire Category 3 - Fath Properties