Types of Events

Check out the events calendar for details and our full lineup of upcoming events!


These are the staples of the GCNKAA. While always subject to change, these are often our biggest and annually recurring events! Your go-to destinations to elevate your professional network and open doors to exciting business opportunities.

Just to name a few in this group, think of our fun-filled Golf Outings or Holiday Cheers that blend friendly competition or charity with valuable networking, to our vibrant Tradeshow or Business Exchange where businesses can showcase their products and services and forge new partnerships, we offer a wide array of events to suit every professional's interests. 


We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive source for education offerings that cover the vast spectrum of the multi-family housing industry. Our goal is to provide industry professionals like you with a diverse range of educational resources and courses to enhance your knowledge and skills in every facet of this dynamic industry. 

Whether you're a seasoned property manager, aspiring leasing consultant, maintenance professional, supplier partner, or interested in any other role within the apartment industry, we have tailored educational programs to meet your needs.


The association is made up of several committees that handle different aspects of our functions. These committees often have smaller scaled events related specifically to their objectives! 

For example, the NextGen committee has free bi-monthly events meant to help the next generation of leaders flourish in the industry. The IRO committee has 6 or so events per year specifically for our independent rental owners. That is just a couple examples. Check the calendar often or reach out to find out more about other committees and their events!


You never know what we will come up with next! You can be sure that every year we will be looking to bring new and exciting events to our members!
Check out the events calendar for details and our full lineup of upcoming events!