Associate Member Benefits

Associate Membership is for businesses that provide a product and/or service for the apartment industry. Networking and relationship building is the key to making your membership valuable. The information listed below is intended to be a guide to the benefits that GCNKAA Associate Members can participate in.

Access To Member Directories

The GCNKAA represents almost 115,000 units across our area. When you join the association you get immediate access to contact information of all Management Companies and Apartment Communities within the GCNKAA.You even get access to a map of the territory with these communities, making for a great sales tool. These directories come in digital and print formats. 

Member Directory Listing

Speaking of directories, all Primaries (properties and management companies) get access to a directory with all the associates (you!) listed in it. When you join you and your company get added to this directory. This allows them to easily find and contact a GCNKAA approved vendor for whatever their needs may be! Members do business with members. This also contains opportunities for sponsorship and highlighted promotion.

Networking & Business Building Events

Perhaps one of the biggest and best-known benefits of the association is that members are able to attend our annual slate of events. These events provide unparalleled value towards networking and building your business. Our events range from formal business settings, where direct discussions and presentations are prevalent, to informal networking gatherings with a more relaxed atmosphere. Read more about them on the "event types" page and check out full registration pages for events on the "upcoming events" page. 

Additional costs sometimes apply

Sponsorship & Advertising

Being an member of the GCNKAA gives the best in class ways to market your business. We offer the most diversified array of options & creativity that you'll find anywhere. You have classic options like putting your name and logo on web pages or printed event billboards. On the other end of the spectrum you have super unique offerings like creating a sponsored webinar or designing a mini game for committee events. By simply exploring the website and your membership packet you'll find these different opportunities. You can also reach out to any of the association staff to discuss what sponsorships might be right for you!  

And more!

The above categories cover the major pillars of GCNKAA membership but as you get more involved and active in the association & industry, you'll continue to come across other benefits we have! I'll list some below just for examples.

  • Employer resources & programs for your business (workers comp, employee compensation surveys, etc.)
  • Association Leadership Elections
  • Legislative involvement & policy crafting
  • Community Outreach
  • Priority news about the industry & region
  • And More!

Reach out to to learn more about joining today!