We constantly strive to keep our members alerted and informed regarding measures being considered by city, county, state and national legislation. Proposed legislation is carefully analyzed and interpreted to determine its effects on apartment owners, managers and residents.

Our Legislative Committee addresses issues dealing with Ohio and Kentucky. These committees work with the state associations and the local city councils to keep abreast of industry-related issues in conjunction with the Ohio Apartment Association, the Kentucky Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association. They also host forums and events to keep our members informed. Ad hoc committees are also created as needed to address specific issues that arise in communities.

We also have Political Action Committees (PACs) for both states; these committees work closely with the Ohio and Kentucky legislative committees to raise funds for fostering local and state government environments supportive of the apartment industry. GCNKAA also developed an Education PAC to help inform residents of issues and encourage their participation on Election Day.

Multi-family housing advocacy is accomplished in many ways, but primarily through contacts that our members have. As the saying goes, “All politics are local”. This is very true of our industry as well. GCNKAA encourages all of its members to participate in the Grassroots efforts of the National Apartment Association to help educate our federal Representatives and Senators, because as we all know, there is no larger impact on the bottom-line than that of government taxes and mandates.

AIMS Alerts are forwarded on a regular basis providing information to key members who regularly contact government officials and provide alerts on upcoming congressional action so you can help in contacting those staff and members of congress who are most influential on major decisions.
Our “Meet the Candidates Forum” along with an insert in the newsletter provide information on candidates running for local government.

As a member, you have the opportunity to contribute to our strength as an Association by joining one of these committees. For more details, email us or call us at (513) 407-8612. To reach Pat Crowley, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, E-mail to: Pat@gcnkaa.org