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2023 GCNKAA Business Exchange

2023 GCNKAA Business Exchange

Tuesday, May 9, 2023
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)

Event Details


FOR OUR ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Similar to Speed Networking, this IN-PERSON Business Exchange offers you the opportunity to meet one-on-one in 5-minute intervals with key decision makers from several of the participating property owner and management companies.

The first 10 to 15 rotations will be pre-scheduled meetings with companies with whom you have requested to meet. We are excited to share that once again participating property management companies have the ability to rank up to 10 products and services they are looking to invest in during the upcoming year. We will then match your selections with their selections to provide all of our participants with more valuable meetings. After the initial 10 to 15 rotations, you may randomly move around the floor as you see best for your business goals. Depending on the total number of primary companies participating and the total number of associate members registered, you may - or may not - have to wait a few rotations between meetings.

An event booklet will also be provided to all participants with detailed and highly beneficial information on all of our participating companies. As an associate member, you may either submit a full color, half page ad to include or send a brief paragraph about your company. See more details under Important Deadlines below.

FOR OUR PROPERTY OWNERS AND MANAGEMENT COMPANIES: This is your opportunity to conduct multiple meetings with multiple vendors in one morning, allowing you to easily expand your network of suppliers. Once you register to participate, you will receive an Information Statement Form complete with an A-to-Z listing of the products and services our associate members provide to the multifamily housing industry. Simply complete the information and select the top 10 to 15 products or services you are looking to invest in for 2023 and 2024 and submit to We will then schedule meetings with companies that provide the products and services you are most interested in.


April 11: Registration ends for Property Owners and Management Companies.

April 11: Early Bird registration ends for Associate Members.

April 17: Deadline to register for this event AND have your company information included in the event booklet.

April 17: Deadline to submit either one 1/2 page ad (7.5” wide x 4.8” tall) OR a brief paragraph about your prducts or services, including contact information and website. This will be used in the event booklet distributed to all pre-registered attendees prior to the event. Ads should be press-quality pdf or high resolution jpg files sized correctly. Ad OR paragraph should be emailed directly to

April 18: GCNKAA to email Meeting Request Form to Associate Members

April 21: Deadline to return your Meeting Request Form (will be sent April 18).

May 5: Meeting Schedule and Event Booklet emailed to all attendees


Kelley Geerkin, Regional Manager
Hauna Somerville, Regional Manager

Justin Seger, Vice President, Residential Properties
Scott Springer, Director of Maintenance & Facilities
Sara Woods, Marketing Coordinator
Sarah Hahn, Regional Manager
Sara Hendricks, Portfolio Manager
Reginna Bray, Regional Manager
Randy Imholt, Project Manager

Brian Fullenkamp, Owner
Scarlett Dailey, Regional Portfolio Director

Megan Lawhon, Chief Operating Officer
Melinda Howard, Director of Training & Development
Chad Bernhardt, Director of Maintenance
Matt Weiss, Chief Development and Asset Management Officer
Maria Lashells, Director of Marketing & Brand Management
Paula Dent, Director of Operations

Drew Greber, Senior Regional Manager
Candace Woodworth, Regional Manager
Sara Henegar, Regional Manager
Julie Cunningham, District Manager
Jennifer Holp, VP of Operations

Taylor Bartoe, Regional Manager
Mark McCracken, Project Manager
Brandi Henderson, District Manager
Dave Chasteen, Maintenance Coordinator
Jake Wolfer, Construction Manager

Melissa Joy, Senior Vice President
Sarah Kempf, Assistant Vice President
Josh Brierly, Assistant Regional Facilities Director
Shaun Gilb, Senior Vice President