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2023 Holiday Cheers Party & Benefit

2023 Holiday Cheers Party & Benefit

Raising funds for the Apartment Association Outreach

Thursday, December 7, 2023
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST)
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Event Details

The Holiday Cheers Committee and Associate Council have been preparing for the 26th Annual Apartment Association Holiday Cheers Party and Outreach Benefit!

Silent Auction begins online on November 30 and will run through closing on December 7 at the Holiday Cheers Event. Watch for more information when the online auction site is launched. 

Items have been donated by members of the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association (GCNKAA) and local community organizations. With items ranging from everyday household items to the hottest toys and electronic gadgets to festive holiday decorations and sports memorabilia, we are sure you will find the perfect item for you or that ideal gift for someone special.

The GCNKAA Holiday Cheers Benefit provides SIX different opportunities in which you can participate.
  • Raffle Auction - purchase raffle tickets and try your luck at winning an item in the raffle.
  • Silent Auction - test your perseverance and bid - or outbid others - on the items you really want to make sure you bring home in the silent bid benefit.
  • Live Auction - outbid your competitors on those amazing packaged experiences or once-in-a-lifetime items
  • Heads or Tails - purchase as many beaded necklaces as you wish for $10 each or 3 for $25.  Select heads or tails for each coin toss. If you guess correctly, you keep your beads; if you guess incorrectly, you remove a strand. The last person standing with beads remaining wins $1500; followed by second place with $1000; and third place at $500.
  • Mystery Bags - And finally - making its return this year - for only $40 you can purchase a Wine and Dine Mystery Bag OR for $75 you can purchase a Bourbon Trail Mystery Bag. Each bag consists of a bottle of wine or a bottle of bourbon and a lottery ticket.
  • Deck The Walls - Similar to the Rapid Raffle, each round of the Deck The Walls Raffle will have a limit of 52 raffle tickets. One winner is pulled from each round and the winner can select one item from a list of several items valued at greater than $300 each. Item will be shipped directly to the winner following the event. 

All purchases made at the benefit are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. 

All net proceeds benefit the Apartment Association Outreach, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing rent assistance payments to people who cannot afford to pay their rent due to a personal emergency or conflict beyond their control. Each month, the Outreach supports the housing departments of the Free Store Foodbank in Cincinnati, Citizens Active in Northside (CAIN), Jewish Family Service, and Santa Maria Community Services with payments totaling more than $148,000 per year.

If you would like to become a $600 Mystery Bag Sponsor or a $500 Deck The Walls Sponsor - or simply want to donate an item or cash to the event - email or click here for the donation form.

Audra Abt
Audra Abt Community Manager Deercross Apartments
Danny Adams
Danny Adams Director of Maintenance/Construction Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Daniel Allison
Daniel Allison Area Manager CIG Communities
Jamie Applegate
Jamie Applegate Senior Tax Manager Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold City Manager Royal Finish, Inc.
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold Royal Finish, Inc.
McKinzie Baker
McKinzie Baker Property Manager Kingsgate Village Apts.
Cindy Baldwin
Cindy Baldwin Fath Properties
Tanya Banfield
Tanya Banfield Portfolio Manager Assistant BRG Realty Group, LLC
Laura Banks
Laura Banks BRG Realty Group, LLC
Heather Barrow
Heather Barrow Rent Manager / LCS
Taylor Bartoe
Taylor Bartoe Regional Manager Venture Communities
Kyle Baxter
Kyle Baxter Project Manager Contractors Inc
Denise Bedell
Denise Bedell Fath Properties
Sean Beltran
Sean Beltran Service Manager Contractors Inc
Tony Birkla
Tony Birkla Denizen Management
Sean Blythe
Sean Blythe Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Bryan Boone
Bryan Boone
Traci Boone
Traci Boone Senior Property Manager
Kristopher Boppel
Kristopher Boppel Multi-Family Sales Manager altafiber
Jami Bowling
Jami Bowling Site Contact / Property Manager 860 East
Chris Bradburn
Chris Bradburn Deputy Director Housing Authority of Covington Kentucky
Reginna Bray
Reginna Bray Regional Manager HILLS Properties
Caitlin Brenner
Caitlin Brenner Sherwin Williams
Dustin Brenner
Dustin Brenner Sherwin Williams
Sarah Brewer
Sarah Brewer Property Manager Aspen Village Apartments
Joseph Brickler
Joseph Brickler Owner ORI Properties
April Brogden
April Brogden altafiber
Mackenzie Brooke
Mackenzie Brooke Mt. Adams Apartments
Jennifer Budd
Jennifer Budd Maintenance Training Administrator PLK Communities
Meredith Burton
Meredith Burton ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC
Michele Calloway
Michele Calloway Calloway Cleaning & Restoration
Steven Capano
Steven Capano Belfor Property Restoration
John Carey
John Carey Neyra Paving
Chris Carson
Chris Carson Rite Rug
Cintia Cerna
Cintia Cerna Aspire Kenwood
Shannon Chapman
Shannon Chapman
Solmy Charriez
Solmy Charriez Uptown Rental Properties
Lloyd Cobble
Lloyd Cobble Senior VP of Property Management CIG Communities
Craig Coffman
Craig Coffman Uptown Rental Properties
Tammy Collett
Tammy Collett Venture Communities
James Combs
James Combs Education & Social Media Coordinator GCNKAA
Alexandra Constable
Alexandra Constable Community Manager 6-20 Barkley Ridge Apartments
Lucy Cornett
Lucy Cornett Leasing 2.1.21 Timber Ridge Apartments
Mahala Cornett
Mahala Cornett College Woods Apartments
Robin Cousin
Robin Cousin Normandy Green
Marnie Covell
Marnie Covell Assistant Community Manager Nantucket
Christian Covert
Christian Covert Towne Properties
Beverly Cox
Beverly Cox Crown Crossing Apartments
Ellen Crabtree
Ellen Crabtree CIG Communities
Jessica Cummins
Jessica Cummins Resident Services Fath Properties
Joey Cunningham
Joey Cunningham Property Manager Sterling Lakes Apartments
Dustin Dailey
Dustin Dailey Portfolio Manager BRG Realty Group, LLC
Evelin Dandridge
Evelin Dandridge Property Manager Fath Properties
Ayana Davis
Ayana Davis HR Associate SNS Management LLC
Mary Del Vecchio
Mary Del Vecchio District Manager Rookwood Properties
Jessica Delaney
Jessica Delaney Sales and Marketing Manager Belfor Property Restoration
Jonny Denny
Jonny Denny Sherwin Williams
Paula Dent
Paula Dent Director of Operations PLK Communities
Tor Dietrichs
Tor Dietrichs Executive Vice President Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Jessica Docter
Jessica Docter Uptown Rental Properties
Lindsey Dooley
Lindsey Dooley Fath Properties
Nick Drzycimski
Nick Drzycimski Rent Manager / LCS
Joe Easton
Joe Easton Channel Partner Manager Rent Manager / LCS
April Edwards
April Edwards Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Katrina Elfers
Katrina Elfers Property Manager Timber Hollow Apartments
Kim Ellison
Kim Ellison BRG Realty Group, LLC
Jenn Englert
Jenn Englert Community Manager Timber Ridge Apartments
Schuyler Esen
Schuyler Esen Social Media Specialist
Janie Evans
Janie Evans Tax Partner Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors
Evan Falardeau
Evan Falardeau altafiber
Melissa Fee
Melissa Fee Fath Properties
Scott Fetters
Scott Fetters Regional Manager The Highlands of West Chester
Corey Focke
Corey Focke Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital
Dustin Fossette
Dustin Fossette Calloway Cleaning & Restoration
Cathy France
Cathy France Maintenance Technician Montana Valley Apartments
Brian Fullenkamp
Brian Fullenkamp Legacy Management
Makayla Fuller
Makayla Fuller Compton Lake Village
Brandon Gampfer
Brandon Gampfer Director of Operations Contractors Inc
Kelsey Geiman
Kelsey Geiman CIG Communities
Andrea Gentile
Andrea Gentile The Trails of Saddlebrook
Matthew Gillespie
Matthew Gillespie Maintenance Supervisor Fairways at Royal Oak
Debora Girardot
Debora Girardot Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors
Amanda Gleim
Amanda Gleim Business Development Manager Contractors Inc
Zachary Goble
Zachary Goble Sherwin Williams
Brooke Gonzalez
Brooke Gonzalez Property Manager Lisa Ridge Apartments
Ross Gottula
Ross Gottula Grass Creek
Kate Gray
Kate Gray HILLS Properties
Amie Griffin
Amie Griffin Regional Supervisor RealSource Properties
McKayla Grimes
McKayla Grimes Uptown Rental Properties
John Gruen
John Gruen Jetz Service Co., Inc.
Aaron Guttman
Aaron Guttman Vice President of Asset Management HILLS Properties
April Haeflinger
April Haeflinger Community Manager Fath Properties
Sarah Hahn
Sarah Hahn Regional Manager HILLS Properties
Bill Haley
Bill Haley General Electric Credit Union
Theresa Hallett
Theresa Hallett Property Manager Mt. Adams Apartments
Megan Halusek
Megan Halusek Property Manager Crown Crossing Apartments
Danielle Hansbauer
Danielle Hansbauer ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC
Elizabeth Hardman
Elizabeth Hardman PLK Communities
Christina Hardy
Christina Hardy Denizen Management
Mariah Harlan
Mariah Harlan Property Manager (Floating) Fath Properties
Kaley Harrison
Kaley Harrison SNS Management
Lydia Harrison
Lydia Harrison Training Specialist Towne Properties
Taylor Haubert
Taylor Haubert BRG Realty Group, LLC
Dave Heglin
Dave Heglin Rite Rug
Chad Henderson
Chad Henderson Chadwell Supply
Sara Hendricks
Sara Hendricks Portfolio Manager HILLS Properties
Trisha Hendrickson
Trisha Hendrickson National Account Manager Chadwell Supply
Drew Henize
Drew Henize General Electric Credit Union
Rod Herper
Rod Herper Rod Herper / VP of Sales National Credit Systems, Inc.
Todd Hignite
Todd Hignite Vice President Hearth Home Communities
Missy Hodges
Missy Hodges Property Manager Lake of the Woods Apartments
Megan Hoeper
Megan Hoeper Towne Properties
Maya Hogue
Maya Hogue Fath Properties
Kelley Holcomb
Kelley Holcomb BRG Realty Group, LLC
Rick Holste
Rick Holste Director of Business Development GCNKAA
Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard Howards Cleaning Service
Melinda Howard
Melinda Howard Director of Training and Development PLK Communities
Abbie Huffman
Abbie Huffman Director of Multifamily Operations Rookwood Properties
Marie Huggins
Marie Huggins Leasing Consultant Villas at Kingswood
Brian Humanic
Brian Humanic Dry Patrol
Zach Hunley
Zach Hunley Aqua on the Levee
Chad Hyland
Chad Hyland Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital
Jennifer Illanz
Jennifer Illanz BRG Realty Group, LLC
Lisa Isham
Lisa Isham Director Housing Choice Voucher Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
Jessica Jameson
Jessica Jameson Property Manager Steeplechase Apartments
Zach Jameson
Zach Jameson Accounting & Database Coordinator GCNKAA
Connie Jeffers
Connie Jeffers Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson Rent.
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson Municipal Violations & Inspection Manager Vinebrook Homes
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones Nature Is My Office Pest Control
Kellie Jones
Kellie Jones BRG Realty Group, LLC
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones Property Manager 1-20 Mills Run Apartments
Adam Joy
Adam Joy Fath Properties
Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy Vice President Village Green Management
Jacque Keller
Jacque Keller Regional Manager 6-20 PLK Communities
Derek Kincer
Derek Kincer Chadwell Supply
Shaun King
Shaun King Senior Maintenance Supervisor 49Hundred
Mikayla Kistler
Mikayla Kistler Fath Properties
Tyler Kizewic
Tyler Kizewic Flooring Sales Rep Sherwin Williams
Michele Klusman
Michele Klusman Director of Communications & Programs GCNKAA
Paxton Knight
Paxton Knight Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Will Knight
Will Knight Vice President Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Bob Kohlman
Bob Kohlman Vice President - Operations and Construction BRG Realty Group, LLC
Kristen Kotnik
Kristen Kotnik Business Manager Hearth Home Communities
Tony Krebs
Tony Krebs Territory Sales Manager Chadwell Supply
Steve Lamb
Steve Lamb Rite Rug
Shane Lanigan
Shane Lanigan Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Maria Lashells
Maria Lashells Director of Marketing PLK Communities
Jono Laureano
Jono Laureano Maintenance Technician 49Hundred
Megan Lawhon
Megan Lawhon Chief Operations Officer PLK Communities
Kim Laws
Kim Laws Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors
Kei Lawson
Kei Lawson altafiber
Jonathan Lemay
Jonathan Lemay Sales Representative Sherwin Williams
Jerrica Light
Jerrica Light Fath Properties
Nicole Listermann
Nicole Listermann Property Manager HILLS Properties
Bryson Lonsbury
Bryson Lonsbury Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Jason Lonsbury
Jason Lonsbury Senior Project Manager Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Stacy Lonsbury
Stacy Lonsbury Portfolio Support Specialist HILLS Properties
Nicole Lovelace
Nicole Lovelace
Heather Loveless
Heather Loveless altafiber
Morgan Loveless
Morgan Loveless Property Manager One41 Wellington
Evan Lozier
Evan Lozier Property Manager Florence Apartments
Oksana Luk
Oksana Luk President of Property Management Denizen Management
Jody Lynch
Jody Lynch Regional Manager Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Stephanie Lyons
Stephanie Lyons Corp - Training Coordinator 10-19 Towne Properties
Patrick MacCutcheon
Patrick MacCutcheon Business Development Manager Transparent Energy
Gus Madden
Gus Madden Neyra Paving
Louie Marcinek
Louie Marcinek Sherwin Williams
Tammy Markman
Tammy Markman Senior Sales Executive Rent.
Amy Markus
Amy Markus Deercross Apartments
Mike Markus
Mike Markus BRG Realty Group, LLC
Jean Marzan
Jean Marzan Assistant Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Emily Mason
Emily Mason Marketing and Communications Manager CIG Communities
Marissa Masters
Marissa Masters Regional Vice President Towne Properties
Kachina Mathis
Kachina Mathis Sharondale Woods Apartments
Amy Matlock
Amy Matlock ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC
Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel Romaine Court Apartments
Angela McKinney
Angela McKinney Assistant Asset Manager Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc.
Andrew McLean
Andrew McLean GCNKAA
Caleb McLean
Caleb McLean GCNKAA
Rebecca McLean
Rebecca McLean Executive Vice President GCNKAA
Danny McNeill
Danny McNeill Commercial Relationship Manager General Electric Credit Union
Tim McWaters
Tim McWaters SERVPRO of Northwest Cincinnati
Dennis Merkle
Dennis Merkle Advanced Turf Solutions
Jennifer Messerschmidt-Warther
Jennifer Messerschmidt-Warther HR Director PLK Communities
Nicole Metz
Nicole Metz Membership Coordinator & Office Administrator GCNKAA
Deb Meyer
Deb Meyer OdorXit Products
Jessica Middendorf
Jessica Middendorf Roebling Row
Henry Mitchell
Henry Mitchell HKC Roofing and Construction
Carey Monday
Carey Monday Manager Quail Meadow Apartments
Jordann Morgan
Jordann Morgan Regional Manager Fath Properties
Amanda Mounts
Amanda Mounts Rite Rug
Lori Murphy
Lori Murphy ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC
Torey Murphy
Torey Murphy Director of Sales BG Multifamily Staffing
Kyle Musgrove
Kyle Musgrove General Electric Credit Union
Afua Nantwi
Afua Nantwi Property Manager The Trails of Saddlebrook
Shauna Nash
Shauna Nash Leasing Agent Meadowood Apartments
Brent Neiger
Brent Neiger Fath Properties
Kyle Neumann
Kyle Neumann Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital
Matt Newcomer
Matt Newcomer Senior Managing Director Newmark
Shauntee Nye
Shauntee Nye Property Manager Views on Vine
Courtney Ochoa
Courtney Ochoa Assistant Manager Fairways at Royal Oak
Michelle Okoroski
Michelle Okoroski Asst. Property Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Josh Oram
Josh Oram Emergency Services Manager Hays and Sons Complete Restoration
Jud Oscherwitz
Jud Oscherwitz Regional Vice President Towne Properties
Emily Ostendorf
Emily Ostendorf Indian Lookout Apartments
Rachel Oxley
Rachel Oxley Towne Properties
Ann Padgett
Ann Padgett VP Field Marketing, Residential ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC
Chloe Papworth
Chloe Papworth Leasing Timber Ridge Apartments
Tamar Parham
Tamar Parham Fath Properties
Anthony Paris
Anthony Paris Regional Sales Representative Qwikkit
Alex Parlin
Alex Parlin Director of Finance BRG Realty Group, LLC
Jack Paulsen
Jack Paulsen Financial Analyst - Corp Heritage Hill Capital Partners
Susan Peck
Susan Peck Apartment Association Outreach Coordinator GCNKAA
Crystal Perry
Crystal Perry Property Manager Congress Run Apartments
Tonya Petersen
Tonya Petersen Portfolio Manager Vinebrook Homes
Corey Peterson
Corey Peterson Fath Properties
Cindy Powell
Cindy Powell BRG Realty Group, LLC
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn Field Sales Rep HD Supply
Crystal Rainwater
Crystal Rainwater General Manager Denizen Management
Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez Project Manager Contractors Inc
Linda Ramsey
Linda Ramsey ORI Properties
Dina Rancourt
Dina Rancourt Asset Management ACRE Real Estate
Nick Rauen
Nick Rauen Account Manager TRI-WEH Restoration & Cleaning
John Recob
John Recob Towne Properties
Jessica Reeb
Jessica Reeb CORT
Ginger Ring
Ginger Ring Leasing Associate Fairways at Royal Oak
Nick Rixner
Nick Rixner Rite Rug
Levona Robbins
Levona Robbins Calloway Cleaning & Restoration
Chris Roll
Chris Roll Houchens Insurance Group
Alexis Ross
Alexis Ross Training Specialist PLK Communities
Megan Ruberg
Megan Ruberg Business Developer Hays and Sons Complete Restoration
Sue Rupard
Sue Rupard BRG Realty Group, LLC
Stephane Salet
Stephane Salet Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Laura Sallee
Laura Sallee Calloway Cleaning & Restoration
Grant Saunders
Grant Saunders General Manager Hays and Sons Complete Restoration
Allison Schengber
Allison Schengber Steeplechase Apartments
Erin Schick
Erin Schick BRG Realty Group, LLC
Cindy Schlie
Cindy Schlie Fox Run Apartments
Bill Schwab
Bill Schwab Rite Rug
Justin Seger
Justin Seger Vice President of Residential Properties HILLS Properties
Anna Sexton
Anna Sexton National Account Manager Chadwell Supply
Ryan Sexton
Ryan Sexton Rite Rug
Niki Siler
Niki Siler Property Manager Towne Properties
Steven Sinnott
Steven Sinnott Towne Properties
Bradley Slomsky
Bradley Slomsky Marketing & Brand Specialist PLK Communities
Makayla Slusher
Makayla Slusher Fath Properties
Ken Smith
Ken Smith District General Manager CORT
Luci Smith
Luci Smith Dynegy
Hannah Snider
Hannah Snider CIG Communities
Dylan Sontag
Dylan Sontag altafiber
Colleen Staley
Colleen Staley altafiber
John Stalnaker
John Stalnaker JLS Properties
Eileen Stark
Eileen Stark Oakwood Apartments
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens Director of Business Systems and Technology BRG Realty Group, LLC
Gwyn Stidham
Gwyn Stidham Assistant Manager Timber Ridge Apartments
Graham Strong
Graham Strong Chief Financial Officer Vinebrook Homes
Latishia Stubblefield
Latishia Stubblefield SNS Management LLC
Jacob Studer
Jacob Studer Sherwin Williams
Morgan Sturgeon
Morgan Sturgeon
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor Project Coordinator HILLS Properties
Marianne Taylor
Marianne Taylor Associate CBRE, Inc.
Jamie Thiel
Jamie Thiel HKC Roofing and Construction
Eboni Thomas
Eboni Thomas Fath Properties
Sanchez Thomas
Sanchez Thomas Property Manager SNS Management LLC
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Assistant Manager Fath Properties
Tracey Thrush
Tracey Thrush District Sales Manager Rent.
Tracy VanOsdol
Tracy VanOsdol Birkla Investment Group
Trinity Vanover
Trinity Vanover Partner First Green Commercial Landscaping
Jennifer Vaught
Jennifer Vaught Montana Valley Apartments
Chris Waddell
Chris Waddell Rite Rug
James Waddell
James Waddell Rite Rug
Bob Wahlke
Bob Wahlke Towne Properties
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker altafiber
Gina Walthers
Gina Walthers National Heating & Air
Danielle Wayman
Danielle Wayman Property Manager Village of Cross Creek
Derek Wehman
Derek Wehman Towne Properties
Elizabeth Werner
Elizabeth Werner Sandstone Management LTD (Formerly Stoneridge)
Amy Wessel
Amy Wessel People Development Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Carrie West
Carrie West Devou Village Apartments
Sarah West
Sarah West Regional Manager PLK Communities
Lauryn White
Lauryn White Community Manager Skyridge Apartments
Ethan Whitt
Ethan Whitt Grounds Fairways at Royal Oak
Nichole Wiley
Nichole Wiley Community Manager BRG Realty Group, LLC
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson Fath Properties
Hannah Wind
Hannah Wind HILLS Properties
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter Senior Maintenance Supervisor Sterling Lakes Apartments
Kristey Wood
Kristey Wood Commercial Sales & Marketing Rep Servpro of Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties
Sara Wood
Sara Wood altafiber
Sara Woods
Sara Woods Marketing Coordinator HILLS Properties
Marc Workman
Marc Workman Maintenance Technician Blue Grass Manor
Jeremy Worthington
Jeremy Worthington Property Manager Duveneck Square Apartments
Lori Yeager
Lori Yeager Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Alison Young
Alison Young RVP of Sales AmRent
Alan Zahumensky
Alan Zahumensky Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
212 Other Registered Attendees











If you would like to become a $600 Mystery Bag Sponsor or a $500 Deck The Walls Sponsor - or simply want to donate an item or cash to the event - email