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2024 BB Riverboat Cruise

2024 BB Riverboat Cruise

Enjoy a three-hour cruise on the Ohio River with the GCNKAA.

Friday, July 12, 2024
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
Event Sold Out

Event Details

This three-hour cruise on the Ohio River aboard the BB Riverboats River Queen includes appetizers, beer, house wine, soft drinks, water, and entertainment.

This is a rain-or-shine event!

Check-in Opens at 1:30 pm.


Deadline to register is June 28 at 5 pm. Registrations after the deadline increase to $105 per person. No registrations will be accepted after July 3, 2024, at 5 pm.

Jerry Allen
Jerry Allen Maintenance Tech Bridges at Belmont
Daniel Allison
Daniel Allison Area Manager CIG Communities
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold City Manager Royal Finish, Inc.
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold Royal Finish, Inc.
Mandy Backus
Mandy Backus Community Manager Villages of Burlington
Rachel Bailey
Rachel Bailey District Sales Manager Cincinnati-Dayton Sherwin Williams
Rebecca Ballard
Rebecca Ballard Business Development Apply Rite Roofing
Tanya Banfield
Tanya Banfield Portfolio Manager Assistant BRG Realty Group, LLC
Laura Banks
Laura Banks BRG Realty Group, LLC
Heather Barrow
Heather Barrow Rent Manager / LCS
Jackson Baughman
Jackson Baughman Rookwood Properties
Chad Bernhardt
Chad Bernhardt Maintenance Director 6-20 PLK Communities
Michelle Bohman
Michelle Bohman Property Manager Norse Landing
Mark Bolda
Mark Bolda VFP Fire Protection
Bryan Boone1
Bryan Boone1 Maintenance - Champion Club Apts Indian River Apartments
Amanda Boston
Amanda Boston Village Green Management
Ashley Boswell
Ashley Boswell Senior Property Manager U Square at the Loop
Duane Brandstetter
Duane Brandstetter Brandstetter Roofing
Caitlin Brenner
Caitlin Brenner Sherwin Williams
Dustin Brenner
Dustin Brenner Sherwin Williams
Tina Britt
Tina Britt Redwood Living, Inc
Mike Britton
Mike Britton Sales Manager property management America's Floor Source
Mackenzie Brooke
Mackenzie Brooke Mt. Adams Apartments
Bob Brown
Bob Brown Manager of Commercial Sales Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Administrative Coordinator GCNKAA
Don Brunner
Don Brunner President/CEO BRG Realty Group, LLC
Karen Brunner
Karen Brunner Sr. Sales Manager
Cory Bryant
Cory Bryant Owner SWORD Roofing
Randy Bryson
Randy Bryson Maintenance Tech Tower Valley Flats
Sabrina Calkins
Sabrina Calkins Area Manager Towne Properties
Chris Carson
Chris Carson Rite Rug
Cintia Cerna
Cintia Cerna Aspire Kenwood
Jessica Chadwick
Jessica Chadwick Asst. Property Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Shannon Chapman
Shannon Chapman
Solmy Charriez
Solmy Charriez Uptown Rental Properties
Lauren Clark
Lauren Clark Property Manager DMG Management Group
Missy Cline
Missy Cline Redwood Living, Inc
Tammy Cline
Tammy Cline Community Manager Villages of Whitewater
Lloyd Cobble
Lloyd Cobble Senior VP of Property Management CIG Communities
Joe Colborn
Joe Colborn District Manager Rookwood Properties
James Combs
James Combs Education & Social Media Coordinator GCNKAA
Kirsten Cripe
Kirsten Cripe Community Manager BH Management Services, LLC
Jessica Cummins
Jessica Cummins Resident Services Fairfield Pointe
Joey Cunningham
Joey Cunningham Property Manager 49Hundred
Scarlett Dailey Godsey
Scarlett Dailey Godsey Regional Portfolio Director Legacy Management
Evelin Dandridge
Evelin Dandridge Property Manager Aspen Village Apartments
Leah Daria
Leah Daria Property Manager Avalon at the Pointe
Ayana Davis
Ayana Davis HR Associate SNS Management
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Property Manager Ackermann Group
Brenadette Day
Brenadette Day Property Manager Tower Valley Flats
Stacey Dean
Stacey Dean Property Manager Furlong Trails East
Jessica Delaney
Jessica Delaney Sales and Marketing Manager Belfor Property Restoration
Tiffanie Demasters
Tiffanie Demasters Account Executive Foxen
Elizabeth Dennon
Elizabeth Dennon Ackermann Group
Jonny Denny
Jonny Denny Sherwin Williams
Kristina Derkson
Kristina Derkson Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Larry Dietz
Larry Dietz Maintenance Tech PLK Communities
Joe Dills
Joe Dills Owner/President Skyline Roofing
Jessica Docter
Jessica Docter Uptown Rental Properties
Ashley Dunn
Ashley Dunn Leasing Reserve at Fort Mitchell
Jenn Englert
Jenn Englert Community Manager Steeplechase Apartments
Shaundra Frye
Shaundra Frye Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Makayla Fuller
Makayla Fuller Deer Hill
Ben Fultz
Ben Fultz Senior Property Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Don Garmon
Don Garmon Maintenance Tec 6-20 Barkley Ridge Apartments
Kelley Geerkin
Kelley Geerkin Regional Manager CMC Properties
Jaime Gillespie
Jaime Gillespie Service Sales Executive Integrated Protection Services
Katie Gillespie
Katie Gillespie The Mercantile
Amanda Gleim
Amanda Gleim Business Development Manager Feazel Inc.
Zachary Goble
Zachary Goble Sherwin Williams
Ashley Godsey
Ashley Godsey The Boulevard
Paulina Gomez
Paulina Gomez Property Manager 4th & Race Apartments
Kate Gray
Kate Gray HILLS Properties
Bradley Greenberry
Bradley Greenberry Maintenance Technician BH Management Services, LLC
April Haeflinger
April Haeflinger Community Manager Fairfield Pointe
Theresa Hallett
Theresa Hallett Property Manager Mt. Adams Apartments
Denise Harrison
Denise Harrison Harrison's Pro Tree Service, LLC
Kaley Harrison
Kaley Harrison SNS Management
Bruce Hellman
Bruce Hellman BRG Realty Group, LLC
Ray Hembree
Ray Hembree Redwood Living, Inc
Sarah Henegar
Sarah Henegar Regional Manager Sundance Property Management
Sarah Henegar
Sarah Henegar Regional Manager Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Chris Henry
Chris Henry Maintenance Technician Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Alivia Herald
Alivia Herald Property Manager Charleston Pines
Todd Hignite
Todd Hignite Vice President Hearth Home Communities
Justin Hill
Justin Hill Maintenance Supervisor
Nick Hirschauer
Nick Hirschauer First Green Commercial Landscaping
Rick Holste
Rick Holste Director of Business Development GCNKAA
Melinda Howard
Melinda Howard Director of Training and Development Chadwell
Stephani Isaac
Stephani Isaac Windridge Townhomes
Ijahnai Johnson
Ijahnai Johnson Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Ariel Jones
Ariel Jones Property Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones Nature Is My Office Pest Control
Kellie Jones
Kellie Jones BRG Realty Group, LLC
Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy Vice President Village Green Management
Whitney Kahrs
Whitney Kahrs Community Manager Hearth Home Communities
Madison Kelly
Madison Kelly Rookwood Properties
Sarah Kempf
Sarah Kempf Assistant Vice President Village Green Management
Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy Residence at Cedar Grove
Paxton Knight
Paxton Knight Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Will Knight
Will Knight Vice President Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Stefany Koo
Stefany Koo CMC Properties
Kristen Kotnik
Kristen Kotnik Business Manager Hearth Home Communities
Rebecca Lally
Rebecca Lally Towne Properties
Amber Lamb
Amber Lamb Sherwin Williams
Shane Lanigan
Shane Lanigan Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
Ray Lawson
Ray Lawson Kristine Lawson
Jerrica Light
Jerrica Light Fath Properties
Nicole Listermann
Nicole Listermann Property Manager Ackermann Group
Jason Lonsbury
Jason Lonsbury Senior Project Manager Pinnacle Paving and Sealing
John Luster
John Luster Maintenance Tech DMG Management Group
Robyn Lynch
Robyn Lynch Regional Sales Executive Valet Living
Tammy Markman
Tammy Markman Senior Sales Executive Rent.
Mike Markus
Mike Markus BRG Realty Group, LLC
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez Fath Properties
Emily Mason
Emily Mason Marketing and Communications Manager CIG Communities
Kachina Mathis
Kachina Mathis Sharondale Woods Apartments
Melissa Matkins
Melissa Matkins Haven Residential
Liz Mays
Liz Mays Regional Property Manager DMG Management Group
Dan McDonald
Dan McDonald Regional Maintenance Support PLK Communities
Wendy McDonald
Wendy McDonald Rookwood Properties
Hayley Mcfayden
Hayley Mcfayden Resident Services Manager BH Management Services, LLC
Stacy McGuire
Stacy McGuire Leasing Manager Villages of Whitewater
Rebecca McLean
Rebecca McLean Executive Vice President GCNKAA
Troy Miles
Troy Miles Living Residential
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Property Manager DMG Management Group
Roy Miller
Roy Miller Regional Maintenance Supervisor DMG Management Group
Carey Monday
Carey Monday Manager Quail Meadow Apartments
Jacquie Monroe
Jacquie Monroe Legacy Management
Jim Morris
Jim Morris Lead Maintenance Tech Hunters Creek
Amanda Mounts
Amanda Mounts Rite Rug
Kristen Mullin
Kristen Mullin Sherwin Williams
Taylor Neal
Taylor Neal Marketing Manager Integrated Protection Services
Clay Nickell
Clay Nickell Icon Property Rescue and Restoration
Joy Niefield
Joy Niefield Compensation and Benefit Specialist BRG Realty Group, LLC
Trent Niese
Trent Niese Maintenance Technician BH Management Services, LLC
Mark OBrien
Mark OBrien Dynegy
Michelle Okoroski
Michelle Okoroski Asst. Property Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Josh Oram
Josh Oram Emergency Services Manager Hays and Sons Complete Restoration
Anthony Paris
Anthony Paris Regional Sales Representative Qwikkit
Brett Perkinson
Brett Perkinson PPG
Jenny Perrin
Jenny Perrin Uptown Rental Properties
Timothy Perry
Timothy Perry RediCarpet
Ciara Peyton
Ciara Peyton Training and Development Manager SNS Management
Bryan Popplewell
Bryan Popplewell Maintenance Technician Sterling Lakes Apartments
Jessica Reeb
Jessica Reeb CORT
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers Brandstetter Roofing
Chris Roll
Chris Roll Houchens Insurance Group
Chris Rose
Chris Rose Maintenance Tech PLK Communities
Matthew Rosensweet
Matthew Rosensweet Rookwood Properties
Mike Routzon
Mike Routzon Multi-Family Solutions Specialist Scherzinger Pest Control
Megan Ruberg
Megan Ruberg Business Developer Hays and Sons Complete Restoration
Wes Sandlin
Wes Sandlin Redwood Lebanon
Dina Scherpenberg
Dina Scherpenberg Legacy Management
Erin Schick
Erin Schick BRG Realty Group, LLC
Bill Schwab
Bill Schwab Rite Rug
Justin Seger
Justin Seger Vice President of Residential Properties HILLS Properties
Elena Senseman
Elena Senseman Redwood Living, Inc
Anna Sexton
Anna Sexton National Account Manager Chadwell Supply
Mary Shari
Mary Shari Property Manager Sundance Property Management, Inc.
Bradley Slomsky
Bradley Slomsky Marketing & Brand Specialist PLK Communities
Luci Smith
Luci Smith Dynegy
Justin Smith.
Justin Smith. CSL Technology Solutions
Steven Soard
Steven Soard Calloway Cleaning & Restoration
Caitlin Speed
Caitlin Speed Sales & Leasing Manager Uptown Rental Properties
Julian Sponseller
Julian Sponseller PPG
Dave Staun
Dave Staun Rent Manager / LCS
Joe Stephenson
Joe Stephenson PPG
Ryan Stevens
Ryan Stevens Living Residential
Ivan Stone
Ivan Stone Village Green Management
Latishia Stubblefield
Latishia Stubblefield SNS Management
Jacob Studer
Jacob Studer Sherwin Williams
Perry Surber
Perry Surber Patriot Engineering and Environmental
Javier Tavarez
Javier Tavarez Fath Properties
Jenn Taylor
Jenn Taylor Senior Property Manager The Landings at Beckett Ridge
Eboni Thomas
Eboni Thomas Aspen Village Apartments
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner Sky Contracting LLC
Luke Turner
Luke Turner PPG
Madelynn Vandenbrock
Madelynn Vandenbrock Sherwin Williams
Trinity Vanover
Trinity Vanover Partner First Green Commercial Landscaping
Madison Vincent
Madison Vincent / Co-Star Group
Chris Waddell
Chris Waddell Rite Rug
James Waddell
James Waddell Rite Rug
Taylor Waitman
Taylor Waitman Maintenance Supervisor BH Management Services, LLC
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker RediCarpet
Robbin Walker
Robbin Walker Property Manager Country Club Estates
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh DMG Management Group
Jim Walton
Jim Walton Maintenance - Furlong Trails West Furlong Trails West
Julie Ward
Julie Ward Property Manager The Trellises Luxury Apartments
Chris Willis
Chris Willis PPG
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson Living Residential
Hannah Wind
Hannah Wind HILLS Properties
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter Senior Maintenance Supervisor Sterling Lakes Apartments
Tim Wood
Tim Wood Regional Sales Executive Valet Living
63 Other Registered Attendees


  • Reserved table for 8 Guests
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  • Admission for 2 Guests
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  • Company Inclusion on Event Signage
  • Company Recognition in Apartment Advantage Newsletter
  • Company Recognition on
  • Verbal Recognition Aboard BB Riverboat


  • General admission for one guest


Deadline to register is June 28 at 5 pm. Registrations after the deadline increase to $105 per person. No registrations will be accepted after July 3, 2024, at 5 pm.