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Financial Fluency

Financial Fluency

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

Empower Your Career Ascent: mastering the numbers unlocks the gateway to success!  


Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the numbers, becoming an expert in the subject will catapult you to the next level in your career.

This dynamic 3-hour session is designed to empower participants with essential knowledge in five crucial areas:

  • Economic Occupancy:
    Understand the differences between Leased, Physical, and Economic Occupancy and how each relates to the financial performance of your properties. 
  • Forecasting:
    Learn the art and science of financial forecasting. Gain insights into predicting market trends, budgeting effectively, and making informed decisions based on accurate financial projections.
  • Reading Financial Documents:
    Demystify financial documents and reports. Develop the skills to analyze 5+ documents including balance sheets, income statements, lease expiration reports, capital improvement schedules and more! Enabling you to make informed financial decisions and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Financing, Purchase Strategy, and Owner Goals:
    Understanding the full picture is key to flourishing in your own role and meeting expectations. Navigate the complexities of financing and learn about different strategic approaches to property management. 
  • Evaluating Contractor Proposals:
    Master the art of evaluating contractor proposals to ensure optimal project outcomes. Learn to assess bids, negotiate effectively, and make sound financial decisions when selecting contractors for your projects.
This course is worth 3 CECs

Meet your instructor!

Angela Lacy,

Director of Residential Property Management & Senior Commerical Property Manager

"Angie handles property management activities for Anderson's Cincinnati portfolio of Residential, Office and Retail projects. Prior to joining Anderson Real Estate, Angie had successful career experiences with Marquette Management, CMC Properties and Capital Investment Group.

As an experienced real estate professional, Angie creates and teaches Real Estate Continuing Education and Career Education/Certification classes. Angie is a tri-state native, having attended the University of Cincinnati and currently resides in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati where she is an active volunteer in the school system and youth athletic programs."