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GCNKAA Pride Parade 2024

GCNKAA Pride Parade 2024

Please arrive between 10:15 & 10:45 AM

Saturday, June 22, 2024


Event Details

Come join our association group in the parade! Registrations are free! 

Please read both sides of this page for important information.

Event Description:

Join us for a celebration of love, equality, and diversity! The Cincinnati Pride Parade is a safe and inclusive space where people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, and backgrounds can come together to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

This year the GCNKAA will be representing the multi-family housing industry to not only show our support and help make our industry more inclusive, but also to network and connect with the LGBTQ+ community to learn how we can grow and be stronger together! Research shows that diverse work groups produce more cognitive processing and more exchange of information. Like all organizations & indsutries, we are stronger together.

Parade Route:


Any additonal funds raised over event costs will go the GCNKAA DE&I committee fund to help improve diversity, equity, & inclusion in the multi-family housing indsutry!

Family & friends welcome! Simply register them along with yourself!

! Important Information !

When should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive between 10:15 AM & 10:45 AM. The parade will begin at 11 AM. Our group must be in position by 10:45 AM.

Where do we lineup?

The Parade is organized by a number + color system. Color represents the street lane and number represents how far back or forward.

Our spot is #196-Blue. See the images below for reference. 



GCNKAA recommends
  • Wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing!
  • Bring water. Bottle or in a easy to carry cup/container
  • If you have any, wear your company swag!
  • We participate to promote DE&I within our current membership but also to show multi-FAMILY is a family for everyone! 
  • If you bring items to handout, plan on an easy way to transport them. Your arms will tire out trying to hold a lot of things directly.
  • Throw anything into the crowd. Handouts must be given to people directly. 
  • Walk in the emergency lane. 
  • Engage with any potential protesters.
  • Bring any handout that is not pre-packaged.

For any further questions, please reach out to