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Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Human Trafficking Awareness Training

An online seminar to help prevent human trafficking!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)


Event Details

Ohio ranks fourth in the nation of reported human trafficking cases. With very little discrepancy between rural and urban areas. Ohio had 450 documented cases of human trafficking in 2019 and the Ohio Task Force states 3,000 Ohio children are at risk and 1,000 of these will likely end up in the sex trades. The multifamily housing industry is a susceptible channel of which these activities can take place. 

The Salvation Army raises awareness of the injustices of human trafficking by partnering with local coalitions. Through prevention activities and work to reduce demand for forced labor and commercial sex, they prevent future crimes. They also help rescue and restore current victims by improving the identification and prosecution of local traffickers.

In this course (geared toward the multifamily industry) you will learn a variety of info. You'll get a brief overview of how human trafficking is defined and the laws that pertain to human trafficking. The course will also show you what it looks like and how to spot the signs. Finally you'll learn what to do to stop it, free resources that are out there for survivors, as well as systems/practices that you can put in place to prevent it from happening. 

This event is completely free! Please help us spread the word to register as much of our association as possible so that everyone can receive this valuable training!