2022 Tradeshow and Education Seminars

Posted By: Rebecca McLean Industry,
Whether you are management, maintenance, leasing, primary, associate, or anything inbetween you are not going to want to miss these seminars! Listed below are the all the incredible offerings! Get the most value by purchasing bundles. Check session start & end times to assure overlap protection. 
Expectation POC Mapping Presented by Toni Blake (1.5 CEC)
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
When you’ve done everything you know to do, it’s time for Toni Blake’s AmaZING Expectation Mapping. Your teams will discover how to elevate the leasing and resident experience with 22 transformational moments. Each carefully crafted and staged experience goes beyond standard apartment practice to elevate the perceived value of your community, establish meaningful human connection, and attract a resident profile of character driven people.
You’ll get the AmaZING Tour E-book with the TotallyToni 2022 Trend Report, learn why Apple Maps & Yelp are a crux move in the apartment decision process. Toni will introduce the “YES PATH”, One Minute Maintenance digital resident experiences, and engaging residents with a “Favorites” plan. You’ll learn how to transform your outreach marketing, new resident orientation, and renewal plan.
Don’t miss your chance to add 22 transformational moments in 2022 with Toni Blake’s AMAZING MOMENTS Expectation Map!
Uber Closing Presented by Leah Brewer (1.5 CEC)
1:40 pm to 3:10 pm
Ask for the commitment. Sounds simple, yet many leasing consultants are fearful of being perceived as pushy and rude, and so they just don’t ask the closing questions. Learn the “how”, the “why” and the “when” of easy closing techniques, designed to take the fear out of asking, and increase the “YES” answers. Apply sure-fire closing techniques to your leasing presentations that can double or triple your closing rates.
Amazing Leasing Presented by Toni Blake (1.5 CEC)
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
2022 Totally Toni Market Trend Report
Techniques for Value Positioning with Advanced Marketing Tool
Miracle Marketing with Petty Cash
What to do instead of FREE RENT
Procedures for Improving the Human Connection – Telephone/Email
2022 Re-invented Telephone / E-mail Follow-up
2022 Data on Speed to the Lead – Leasing I.Q.
Real-time Remote Leasing Engagement with QRs
Closing – Everyone – Every time!
Staging a Remote Leasing – Closing on the first visit
Art of Hiring Presented by Leah Brewer (1.5 CEC)
3:40 pm to 5:10 pm
Recruiting and retaining top “superhero” talent within organizations is becoming a strategic focus in order to compete and win in today’s competitive arena. Create a dream team of action-employees who serve each other as they serve your company. You will discover tools and ideas to find employees that are our everyday Heroes (and Sheroes). Motivate and retain those above-and-beyond workers whose actions increase the value of your assets and organization.
Financial Impacts of Maintenance with Mike Markus and Danny Adams (1.5 CEC)
1:40 pm to 3:10 pm
Our maintenance teams are essential to every aspect of property operations but does your team understand how their purchasing effects the financial goals of your community? Join your peers as we discuss the importance of purchase orders, routine maintenance, capital expenditures and simple budgets. Throughout this discussion you will gain insight into when to use a contract versus “doing it in house” and why both strategies are effective once you understand the value of your time and energy. 
Maintenance Communications with Mike Markus and Danny Adams (1.5 CEC)
3:40 pm to 5:10 pm
There are thousands of different languages across the world! While people you work with or around may speak a common language, often times different teams form their own kind of “language” in a sense. This can be in the form of different forms of slang, abbreviations, tones, and context! Since we all know that team work makes the dream work, it is important that we communicate as effectively as possible. This seminar will enhance your communication skills with everyone on your team. That could be with a direct team member, a supervisor, a leasing agent, a manager, a resident, or anyone else you may come into contact with at the workplace.