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Associate Webinar

Associate Webinar

This product is a perfect mix between education & promotion. You'll create a webinar surrounding information about your company, products, or the industry as a whole.

By offering to teach a webinar on our platform, you'll gain both brand exposure and the satisfaction of contributing to the collective knowledge and growth of our community. Together, let's elevate education and empower success. We believe our associate members bring a lot of value to the industry with not only their products & services, but also their knowledge & expertise. 

What you get: 

  • You receive all the front end marketing that we do for the webinar (brand exposure)
  • A live audience during your webinar (product & brand exposure)
  • Back-end value in perpetuity as we add the webinar to our free digital education library for all our members to access

What is required: 

  • Webinar must be 30-60 minutes long
  • Content must be at least 75% educational (non-promotional)
  • Submitted outline & approval by the Education Coordinator
Member Price: $199.99